Mindfulness Workshops

Mindful Matters: Using Mindfulness to Reduce Test Anxiety and Promote Achievement
Dates and Times:
October 27, 2014​​​
6:00 pm​​
Room 316

November 4, 2014​​​
11:00 am​
Room 316

November 11, 2014​​​
12:00 pm​
Room 316

November 20, 2014​​​
6:00 pm​​
Room 316

Presenter: Kathryn Kelly
Kathryn Kelly is a third-year graduate student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at UNCP. She has over 50 hours of training in mindfulness practice and clinical hypnosis. Her interest areas include multicultural issues in counseling, gender and sexuality issues in counseling, and mindfulness and hypnosis practice in counseling.

Learn how to do your best on the test!
Many students struggle with anxiety during exams or even while studying for exams. This anxiety can get in the way of academic performance and achievement. Research has shown that Mindfulness practice is a method of learning to focus and relax in the present moment-a valuable skill when seeking to do your best. These workshops will provide test takers with: (1) an overview of the practice of mindfulness, (2) a review of valuable test-taking strategies, (3) practice in breathing techniques, and (4) practice with meditation.

Praxis CORE Workshops Fall 2014

Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Workshops

Planning on taking the new Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators tests required for Teacher Education Program admission?

This semester we are offering FREE workshops to help prepare you for the new tests. Please contact Dr. Ford with any questions and visit our Praxis information page.

Praxis  CORE Overview:
Tuesday, September 9th 10-11am Education room 212
Wednesday, September 10th 5-6pm Education room 210

Praxis CORE Reading:
Wednesday, September 10th 10am-12pm Education room 202
Saturday, September 27th 9-11am Education room 202
Wednesday, October 8th 10am-12pm Education room 202
Wednesday, November 5th 1-3pm Education room 202

Praxis CORE Writing:
Wednesday, September 24th 3-5pm Education room 202
Saturday, October 11th 9-11am Education room 202
Wednesday, October 22nd 3-5pm Education room 202
Wednesday, November 12th 3-5pm Education room 202

Praxis CORE Math:
Thursday, September 18th 12-2pm Oxendine room 2208
Saturday, October 4th 10am-12pm Oxendine room 1237B
Tuesday, October 21st 10am-12pm Oxendine room 2208
Thursday, October 30th 2-4pm Oxendine room 2208

Pre-register by contacting  Dr. Valjeaner Ford UNCP Praxis Liaison
910-521-6893 or email valjeaner.ford@uncp.edu